Dr. Glenn R. Gavin DDS Dedicated to providing professionalism and excellence in all aspects of the dental arts.

Dr. Gavin takes sincere pride in the constant drive towards this goal. The way he chooses to practice his profession clearly shows this desire to providing superior quality in dental care.

Dr. Gavin embraces new technologies and techniques, leads by example, conducts thorough quality control, maintains high standards of continuing education, works closely with the entire spectrum of dental specialists, and he is always available to meet the needs of his patients.

Knowing that dental care is something that many people have apprehension towards, Dr. Gavin takes the time necessary to understand the needs and desires of all his patients.

Why should you choose Gavin Dentistry

Dr. Gavin has maintained a private dental practice in the western suburbs for 27 years, and has recently relocated to Glen Ellyn. He is a highly accomplished dentist, formerly a member of the clinical faculty of Northwestern University, and is fully dedicated to acheiving the very best cosmetic and functional result that modern dentistry has to offer. His outgoing and consistently upbeat personality affords the opportunity to truly enjoy a relaxing and enjoyable experience while receiving the very best in dental care.